Is the Global Prayer School accredited?

The Global Prayer School does not consider itself a traditional academic institution, and our Certificates of Affirmation are not equivalent to degrees from accredited universities.

We provide these certificates to those who complete all three levels because we feel that honor and affirmation are due to those global Christ-followers who give themselves completely to the study and mobilization of prayer.

Is the Global Prayer School designed for groups or individuals?

Both. Students may study the Global Prayer School in groups or individually, according to their preference. However, Certificates of Affirmation are only awarded on an individual basis.

Do I have to be enrolled to access the teachings?

Yes, you must enroll in the Global Prayer School to access its teachings, but students may enroll without seeking a Certificate of Affirmation.

What does it cost to enroll in the Global Prayer School?

Enrollment in the school of prayer is free and available to anyone with internet access. However, some of the supplementary reading must be purchased.

What does it take to complete the Global Prayer School?

To complete all three levels in three years, a student must complete at least one major lesson each week, spend time in daily prayer for the duration of the course, maintain a weekly prayer journal, complete the required reading assignments for each series, and submit written assignments over the internet. In the third level, students must also form a regular prayer group and begin the process of organizing a Wall of Prayer in their communities or church networks.

Do I have to use the computer?

Students will need internet access to view teaching videos, download readings and submit their assignments. Once downloaded, readings can be printed for easier use. Workbooks may be downloaded as e-books or ordered as hard copies. Some supplementary readings are only available in hard copy and must be ordered by mail.

Is the Global Prayer School affiliated with a specific denomination?

No, the Global Prayer School and its distributor, Every Home for Christ, are non-denominational. You may read Every Home for Christ’s Statement of Faith.

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