About the Global Prayer School


Early in his ministry, Dick Eastman was profoundly impacted when the Lord spoke to him and said, “Call the world to pray.” Realizing that the highest calling Christ has given the Church is the call to intercessory prayer, he launched The Change the World School of Prayer teaching series and became one of the fathers of the prayer movement.

What is the Global Prayer School?

The Global Prayer School is a compilation of over four decades of Dick’s teachings, providing students of prayer with three levels of increasing depth of study. If you complete these levels in order, we will award you recognition in the form of a Global Prayer School Certificate of Affirmation.

What’s in it?

Students of prayer will benefit from an in-depth exploration of God’s Word with a seasoned prayer leader. The Global Prayer School is divided into three levels — the Bachelor of Prayer, the Master of Prayer and the Doctor of Prayer — and each level is divided into four courses.

In each course, you will find:

  • • Seven to 14 lessons
  • • Powerful teaching videos
  • • Accompanying worksheets
  • • Supplementary reading materials with input from other well-known prayer teachers to broaden your understanding

Each level is designed to be completed in a year by doing a lesson each week. The lessons take between a half-hour and two hours to complete. To learn more, please visit our FAQs Page.

How do I start?

Our prayer for you as you participate in this Global Prayer School is that you will encounter the Holy Spirit in a new way, learn to pray as you haven’t before and become a mobilizer for prayer throughout your sphere of influence.

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