Bachelor of Prayer
Certificate of Affirmation

Bachelor of Prayer

This level is designed for you to complete at your own pace, or you can follow our recommended one-year schedule. The bachelor of prayer consists of four main courses designed to take you deeper into prayer. As you journey through this program, you will watch insightful videos, read encouraging stories and answer thoughtful questions to help you grow in prayer.

Bachelor Level Workbook

Course 1 Reading

Course 2 Reading

Course 3 Reading

Course 4 Reading


Change the World School of Prayer

Every Home for Christ launched The Change the World School of Prayer in 1976 to inspire believers to deepen their intimacy with God and change the world through prayer. Since then, more than 3 million people across the globe have participated in this transformative teaching.
  • Prayer: Untapped Power
  • The Prayer Warrior's Personal Life
  • The Prayer Warrior's Prayer Life
  • The Prayer Warrior's Prayer Mission
  • The Prayer Warrior's Prayer Program
  • The Prayer Warrior's Praise Life
  • The Prayer Warrior's Marching Orders
  • Course Final

Journey of Power

Based on Dick Eastman’s book No Easy Road, this course takes students on a spiritual journey through the landscape of prayer. Learn to face obstacles to prayer and rest in God’s provision as you progress toward a deeper experience of His power.
  • A Traveler's Guide for the Journey of Power
  • Beginning Our Journey
  • The Peak of Unbelief
  • The Mountain of Sin
  • An Avalanche of Excuses
  • The Peak of Habit
  • The Plateau of Intercession
  • The Cove of Holiness
  • The Mountain of Self-Will
  • The Bridge of Balance
  • The Mountain of Persistence
  • Burden's Outlook
  • Trail's End: The Mountain of God's Power
  • Course Final

Practical Prayer Life

This course brings the lofty concept of prayer down to earth with practical steps for our day-to-day lives. Beginning with the five ingredients of a practical prayer life, Dick walks us through the 12 steps of the Prayer Wheel from his book The Hour That Changes the World and ends with seven keys to cultivating a consistent commitment for daily prayer.
  • Introduction
  • Praise
  • Waiting
  • Confession
  • Scripture Praying
  • Watching
  • Intercession
  • Petition
  • Thanksgiving
  • Singing
  • Meditation
  • Listening
  • Praise
  • Cultivating a Consistent Commitment for Daily Prayer!
  • Course Final

Power Series

As we explore God’s promises for our lives, we discover the power He makes available to influence our neighborhoods, our cities and our world. Rediscover your first love as Dick teaches us to pray strategic, systematic and God-sized prayers.

  • Power of Praying God's Promises
  • Power of City-Wide Watchmen
  • Power of First-Love Praying (Part 1)
  • Power of First-Love Praying (Part 2)
  • Power of United Prayer
  • Power of God-Sized Prayers
  • Power of Systematic Prayer
  • Power of Strategic-Level Praying
  • Power of God's Manifest Presence
  • Power of Practicing God's Presence
  • Course Final

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