Certain geographic locations sometimes hold prophetic significance, and the 2nd Street headquarters of the American Center for Prayer and Revival is one such location.

After reading Dr. Dick Eastman’s book The Purple Pig and Other Miracles, which told the story of a Sacramento-based 24/7 prayer center started by Dr. Eastman and his wife in 1972, a young man named Tom Hess was inspired to open a similar prayer center in Washington, D.C. Hess was drawn to a 2nd Street location directly across from the Supreme Court—the same location that now headquarters the ACPR—and he invited Dr. Eastman to come help dedicate his prayer center when it opened there in the mid-1980s.

Hess moved on to establish another prayer center in Jerusalem several years later, but intercession did not cease at the 2nd Street location. God seemed to have a specific intention for the location and led Dick Simmons there to continue the passionate, focused prayer for America.

Simmons is a radical intercessor. David Wilkerson, author of The Cross and the Switchblade, recognized Simmons as a major influence in his decision to launch his ministry to New York City gang members in the 1950s. After working with Wilkerson in the early days of that ministry, Simmons relocated to 2nd Street in Washington, D.C. and began to pray for God to impact our nation and government. Wilkerson even helped purchase one of the units at the location, and Simmons developed friendships with many influential leaders in Congress and the Supreme Court.

Today, Simmons is still praying at the 2nd Street location and intends to continue doing so until God calls him home. Every Home for Christ has come alongside him by purchasing two other units in the building to establish the ACPR. Our hope is that the entire complex will soon be devoted to day-and-night prayer for spiritual revival in America. (Watch the ACPR dedication ceremony here.)

The establishment of the ACPR is the first step in Every Home for Christ’s outreach to the United States, which is still in its formative stages. Soon, gospel workers will take the Good News to 120 million households, sharing the love of Jesus face to face with 318 million people.

…But the first step is to establish a sweeping prayer movement to cover this coming work.

Dick Eastman ACPR

Dick Eastman

Dick Simmons

Dick Simmons

Tom Hess

Tom Hess